What "Remember Me" means to you

By selecting "Remember me" you are allowing Texas Instruments to place a permanent cookie on your computer's hard drive. This permanent cookie will save your log in information so you don't have to log in each time you return to the site.

Permanent cookies make viewing the TI site easier by:

  • Remembering who you are, so you may access areas of the site without logging in more than once.

  • Allowing TI to tailor content to your preferences.

If you don't select the "Remember me" option, you will have to log in each time. TI will place a temporary cookie on your computer, which will terminate when you close your browser or log out.

You may remove the permanent cookie at any time by going to your Profile and de-selecting "Remember me."

For security reasons those accessing secure TI systems (Distributors, Suppliers, TIers, etc...) will only have their username saved and will be required to enter in their password at each log in.